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Membership Committee

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Are you looking for a way to volunteer with your MPI Gulf States Chapter? The Membership Committee has some of exciting openings:

Membership Committee

Enlarge your circle of contacts by actively participating in the Membership Committee. The MC offers many opportunities to interact with members, from welcoming new members to coordinating senior members’ correspondence with the purpose of recruiting members. Enrich your career while enriching the chapter!

Job Openings:

  • Recognition-

    •          “We appreciate you” Initiative-

    o   This person will work closely with our Recognition Chair to implement the new “We Appreciate You” initiative.



    •          New Member Retention Calls –(2 Positions Available)

    o   One volunteer will work closely with our Retention Chair to check in with our new members at their 30 day mark to make sure they know about the upcoming meeting, maximize your membership program, and any other available member opportunities. Offers to answer any questions about their new membership.

    o   One volunteer will work closely with our Retention Chair to check in with our new members to answer any questions about their membership and obtain feedback about their membership when they reach their 9 month mark.



    Recruitment Chair- This volunteer will lead our recruitment department to make sure we are actively participating in/completing these initiatives-

    1. Potential Member Outreach

    2. Maximize Your Membership/Did You Know Campaign

    3. Develop & Implement campaign for non-traditional planners to join MPI Gulf States Chapter.

    •          Potential Member Outreach-

    o   This volunteer will have the opportunity to meet and greet all non-members who registered for our monthly meetings. We’ve drafted a pre-event and post-event letter for this volunteer to use as part of their outreach. This will help us to get to know our guests and hopefully convert them to MPI members!

    •          Maximize Your Membership/Did You Know Campaign Leader

    o   This volunteer will assist with answering questions about MPI benefits and helping to educate our membership about all that MPI has to offer. The maximize your membership table will be set up 30 minutes prior to every meeting for members to come chat with us. Ideally this volunteer will assist at the maximize your membership table. This volunteer will also help us put together and distribute collateral pieces for the “Did you know “campaign.


    Tradeshow Chair- This volunteer will lead our tradeshow department to make sure we have completed these steps before the end of the MPI year.

    1.        Identify tradeshow(s) that would be a great fit for us to showcase MPI Gulf States Chapter
    2.        Present options to VP and Director of Membership
    3.        Register for tradeshow that we select
    4.        schedule staff to work the tradeshow & gather all collateral pieces needed for the tradeshow
    5.        Attend the tradeshow, compile list of contacts for potential member outreach, pass contact info to recruitment chair


    •          Tradeshow Research

    o   This volunteer will help us identify a tradeshow opportunity where we can showcase the MPI Gulf States Chapter.

    •          Tradeshow Support

    o   This volunteer will attend the tradeshow and/or provide all support we need to get us involved in the tradeshow including registration, collateral materials, staffing the booth, etc.